Worry about Bing or focus on Google?

Bing or Google


Hey, guys. Nick here from HVAC Business Growth. Thank you very much for watching the show today. In today’s video we’re going to talk about Google’s market share and whether or not you should even bother ranking your site on other search engines such as Yahoo. There’s plenty to talk about. Let’s get stuck into the show.

All right, so just to redirect the question, it’s should you worry that Bing and Yahoo or just focus on Google.

All right, so the quick answer is yes, you need to focus on the other search engine just so you can diversify your traffic. If you go into any of your analytics reports that you got, possibly it’s Google analytics, you might see that a very large percentage of your traffic is coming from one source and that source could be Google.

Yahoo and Bing for HVAC Contractors

I’ve seen businesses where it’s up to 80% of their traffic is coming from Google organic search. So being in Yahoo, they’re part of your broader effort to try and diversify your traffic. So I’m going to try and get some social traffic, some pay per click traffic, some direct referral traffic as well. And then anything you can get from other search engines. So you can see the market share on the screen. This kind of differs from source to source, but it’s pretty consistent across the board.

It’s approximately a 90% market share for Google. So that means 90% of people when they search for something using a search engine, they’re going to use Google. And then it goes 5% Bing and 1.5% Yahoo. It’s important to note there though that Yahoo is powered by Bing and it has been roughly for the last 10 years.

Not ranking well on Google?

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So they’re not exactly the same. But yeah, Yahoo is powered by Bing. So when you’re optimising for Bing, you’re in effect getting some flow on to the Yahoo. So one of the important things to consider as well is that Apple, Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon Alexa use Bing for their voice search. So we’re seeing voice search start to really play a part. And in particular, in some of the pay per click campaigns that I’ve seen, a lot of voice searches have come through and ads have been activated based off search.

So I think using these tools, whether it’s Amazon Alexa or Catana, or something like that, people are sitting or standing around in their homes and using voice search to try and find things. So that pays, definitely, to optimise for Bing. I think considering that voice search is going to play a much larger part in the future.

So, let’s talk about the algorithm for Bing versus Google. So Google’s algorithm is a very nuanced algorithm with over 200 ranking factors, it’s said. Whereas what we’re saying with Bing, it’s more of a direct algorithm, kind of like what Google was back in 2011, 2012.

So Bing relies a lot on the heavy use of keywords. So we’re talking about using keywords in the domain. So they like exact match domains. They like keywords in the title and the description and they like heavy use of keywords or heavier use of keywords in the anchor text and the links that are going through to the website.

So they still value content just the same way that Google does. So you can rank your website with 50 words of content on it. You’re going to have to have some good quality stuff on there, so to speak. But they just like a more direct algorithm. So, what we actually say quite a bit is your website will actually rank on Bing before it can rank, or before it does rank, in Google.

I’ve seen numerous campaigns where there’ll be top five rankings in Bing and in Google it’ll be ranked between 30 and 50 just because it likes that, it likes the heavy use of keywords in the more direct use of keywords in exact match domain, title, description, that sort of thing.

So it pays to get your on page SEO sorted and dialled in and you’ll start to pick up some early traffic from Bing. And one of the ways that you can do this is to verify your site with Bing webmaster tools. This just helps to really give a sense of trust and authority to the site. So as a whole, the more you get your site listed and verified with services such as Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps, all the different options that are available to you, it’s going to go a long way to making your website that much more trustworthy.

All right. So, that was a long answer, but it’s a resounding yes. You should be worried about Bing and Yahoo, particularly if anything happens in the future. If Google loses some market share. Obviously, they seem to be in the court system every second day. So yeah, optimise for Bing, optimise for Yahoo, and try and get some more traffic.

Thanks for watching.

Not ranking well on Google?

Free no strings attached audit of your hvac website sent to you

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Worry about Bing or focus on Google?

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