How long does it take to rank in Google?

training how long does it take to rank in Google


Nick here from HVAC Business Growth. Thank you very much for watching today in this video, what we’re gonna do is answer the question – How long does it take to rank your HVAC business in Google? So stick around, we’re gonna talk about trust, proximity and relevance. Let’s get stuck into the show.

Alright, so just to read out the question, it is how long will it take to get my site in Google’s organic listing? So before I give the answer that it depends let’s give some background information.

Proximity, Relevance and Trust

So there’s a few things that we need to consider, so we’ve got proximity or relevance and trust/power. So, first of all, to get your site listed in Google organic listings, it needs to be around the location that you’re trying to rank for so… For example, if your business is in Los Angeles, you’re gonna have a hard time ranking for New York-based local listings. In fact, it’s probably just not gonna happen. You might be able to rank nationally for some general blog post – reviews on some certain systems or brands.

So you have to be near the proximity of the search.

So that’s the first thing, second or you need to be relevant, so you need to make your website relevant to the search so we see some businesses will have a little bit problem if they do multiple services, so maybe plumbing or HVAC and Google might see them as more of a plumbing website and not so much a HVAC website.

Not ranking well on Google?

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So the basic thing is that the site has to be relevant. Your on page SEO or your content has a lot to do with that. Make sure you have lots of relevant content, you’re filling out your page titles and your descriptions and your url’s.

Thirdly, you need trust or power. On new websites there is a sandbox effect for sites with low trust. It can take a couple of months to get out of that sandbox. But basically, what Google is looking for is just make sure that you trust worthy and there’s enough social proof out there on the internet to make sure that you are a powerful and trustworthy provider. This is achieved through link building, social media profiles and business listings or citations.

So those three things help to rank your site in Google. So, to answer the actual question, the answer is one to six months.

If you have an existing site, so I give you an example, an existing site in a market that’s near the search location, you’re in Akron, Ohio and you’re trying to rank for a Akron Ohio AC repair keywords. So your proximity is good. You’ve got a relevant site. Let’s just say you’ve got 20 pages of content on your site, you’ve got all of your different service pages covered, it’s very clear that you serve the Akron, Ohio area, you’ve got your meta title and your description filled out, so now you’re relevant.

In terms of trust and power let’s just say you’ve been in business for while. You’ve been doing SEO on your site you’ve got all your social profiles set up, you’ve got your business listings and citations set up so you have some trust and some authority, you’re gonna be at that lower end of the scale, you might only take one month or two months, to move your website high up in the search engines.

The other end of the scale is the six months side where somebody has either got a brand new website or they haven’t worked on their site before that. They don’t really have any social presence, that don’t have any citations, nobody is going to the website at all. Basically, they’re starting from scratch in a competitive market that’s gonna take up to six months to try and move the needle on that site. In fact, probably from month one to three, you’re not gonna see a whole lot of progress, you’ll be moving up the search engine result pages, but there is no difference in traffic between position 99 and 29.

You’re still a long way down in Google SERP’s so you don’t really see the benefits until you’re starting to take over that first page of Google. It can take some time for a brand new site or a site that hasn’t been worked on before.

So unfortunately the answer is that depends on your situation, but the answer is one to six months depending on how good your business is.

Not ranking well on Google?

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How long does it take to rank in Google?

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