Choosing Keywords for HVAC Websites

choosing keywords for hvac websites

0:14 – News from Search Engine Watch on low-hanging fruit keywords

0:50 – Use information on Google Analytics

1:03 – 80/20 of Google AdWords from Search Engine Watch

2:00 – Reminder from Matt Cutts of Google

2:49 – podcast episode 4 (social media) is released check it out:

Hi! Nick Bielawski here with another news update.

This week Search Engine Watch posted a timely article on low-hanging fruit keywords. Basically, the message was to forget the 1 and 2-word big ego keyword phrases and start focusing on 3 to 4-word keyword phrases in your search engine optimization, where you’re ranking between positions 15 and positions 5. So, from these keywords you can get a really fantastic return on investment and the great thing is it doesn’t take too much time to move your rank that far as well.

If you want some more information on this, check out your Google analytics and you’ll find lots and lots of keywords in there where you’re getting just a trickle of traffic and you can improve that really quickly.

Search Engine Watch also posted another great article on the 80/20 of doing Google AdWords. Basically there were 3 takeaways from this article. The first piece of advice was to be direct and targeted with your message. So don’t use any brand-building or brand-advertising type of approaches at all. Secondly, use the “exact match” key phrase terms instead of using “broad match”. You’re going to be a lot more targeted this way. And thirdly, just worry about the search network and don’t worry about the content network yet. When you’re using search, it’s permission-based marketing because people are actually searching for your products and services or searching within the market that you’re in. So, this is the 80/20 of doing Google AdWords. I think it’s going to help you quite a lot.

Google’s head of search, Matt Cutts, issued a timely reminder for us all to check our Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Recently, Google actually sent out 700,000 penalty notices or notices for unnatural practices regarding search engine guidelines. So, if your Google traffic or your search traffic has taken a little bit of a hit lately, go to your Google Webmaster Tools account and see whether you’ve got a penalty notice or an unnatural link warning notice. If you do, you have some bad practices on your site or the search company that you’ve been using has been employing some bad tactics. You need to get this fixed as soon as possible if you’re going to get some more Google traffic.

This week we also released podcast 4 which is on the topic of social media.

I’m biased, but I think it was a fantastic episode. Towards the end of the podcast was the real nugget. It’s where we actually laid out a 2-part strategy for how to deal with both Facebook and Twitter. They are the 2 players in the social media game at the moment. I strongly recommend that you check out that podcast.

That’s all we have time for today. I’m Nick Bielawski and this has been another news update.

Choosing Keywords for HVAC Websites

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